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Latest Trends in Cell and Gene Therapy in the United States and the EU in 2023

As of 2023, the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has approved 32 types, and the EMA (European Medicines Agency) has approved 18 types of cell and gene therapies. This demonstrates the rapid progress in the field of CGT (Cell and Gene Therapy).

The therapeutic areas are as follows:

• Blood: 18 types (FDA), 9 types (EMA)
• Ophthalmology: 1 type (FDA), 2 types (EMA)
• Neurology: 3 types (FDA), 3 types (EMA)
• Gastrointestinal: 0 types (FDA), 1 type (EMA)
• Immunodeficiency: 1 type (FDA), 1 type (EMA)
• Musculoskeletal: 1 type (FDA), 1 type (EMA)
• Oncology: 3 types (FDA), 1 type (EMA)
• Endocrinology: 1 type (FDA)
• Dermatology: 3 types (FDA)
• Aesthetics: 1 type (FDA)

Although 2023 is nearing its end, and Japan is entering winter with colder temperatures, there is still a sense of excitement in the development of cell and gene therapies.

With the speed of this advancement, what innovative medical technologies will humanity witness in 2024? We are eagerly looking forward to it.