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New Discoveries in the Field of Cell Gene Therapy

Specializing in research and development roles in cell gene therapy and CMC space for almost a year now, let me share some recent personal discoveries in the field.

A:  You don’t need to be the SME to do gene therapy job

Despite having 13 years of industry experience, I hadn’t focused on specializing in gene therapy until now, so I didn’t deeply understand the specifications of research and development professionals who excel in the field of actual gene therapy. The basic process of drug development seems similar to antibodies, and the targets often involve proteins or even small molecules. Therefore, researchers with experience in protein-related research or practical experience in biology experiments related to proteins, or in CMC, candidates with practical experience in antibodies, nucleic acid drugs, or enzyme-based new drugs seem to be eligible. (Of course, having direct research experience in the field is preferable.)

B:  CGT market in Japan now

It seems that in Japan, at least 300 private companies are aiming to contribute to patient care in this related area. Among them, there are relatively few companies progressing with their own compounds for CGT research and development aiming for market release. Many companies have RNA or DNA editing platforms, or they function as CDMOs, or they are involved in DDS, or they possess intellectual property related to analysis and applications. They provide some form of platform to companies involved in drug discovery for cell gene therapy, engaging in joint research with academia and pharmaceutical companies. It was also a new discovery that clinics and hospitals are conducting research and development in this area.

C:  The importance of curiosity and communication

Analyzing the reasons for the rejection of about 50 candidates who had company interviews through us in the past six months, most of the reasons were related to “lack of curiosity in science,” “lack of initiative,” and “communication.” Presumably, the quantity and quality of questions during the interview, and the ownership of the work undertaken so far, were factors.

There were many other discoveries, but if you are interested in knowing more about the continuation of “D, E, F and G” please feel free to contact me via DM. I would be delighted to hear your opinions.